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🌰 Kohlrabi Microgreens

This is a Grow to order item:

Please allow 2 weeks for your greens to grow from the time you place your order, thank you!



👅 Tasting notes: fresh, sweet, mild cabbage flavor.


🌟 Benefits: Vitamins B and C, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.


🥗 Uses and Recipes: smoothies, salads, sandwiches, omlettes, garnishes.


About: Kohlrabi microgreens are very nutritious and contain over 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C. It's also high in Vitamin B6, Folate, Thiamin, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Kohlrabi microgreens are known to help fight cancer, improve heart health, and lower the risk diabetes / high blood pressure.

🌰 Kohlrabi Microgreens

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